IR Established In 2009
Heads Of Department Over the Years

Key Features of the Department

    • Internal Review aims to critically analyze the quality, authenticity, appropriateness, coherence, integration, progression and workability of all Policies, Procedures and Documents/Handbooks, Concept Papers, Exam Papers and Evaluation Reports developed/prepared by APSACS Secretariat team in association with APSACS Vision & Mission.
    • A technically balanced, fair & unbiased judgment is provided. The effectiveness and efficiency of each document is measured against the following indicators and set parameters:
    • Islamic Values
    • Patriotism
    • National Education Policy (NEP) & Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)
    • Socio-cultural norms
    • Students’ age and level of schooling
    • International standards of education
    • Acquisition of 21st century learning skills
    • Holistic development
    • Monitoring & supervision of APSACS Resource Pool Members
Department Documents Reviewed
Curriculum Planning & Development (CP&D)
Academic Calendars (PG-XII), Syllabus Breakups/Scheme of work, Textbooks, Policy Books, Concept Papers
Assessment & Examination (A&E)
Assessment Policy Handbook, Date Sheets, Exam Papers
Training & Evaluation (T&E)
Post Evaluation Reports, Training & Evaluation Forms
Research & Holistic Development (R&HD)
Concept papers, Programmes & Handbooks
APSACS Affiliate Institutions Cell (AAIC)
Academic Calendars, Syllabus Breakups, Textbooks, Policy Books, Concept Papers
Army Public Schools for International Studies (APSIS)
Scheme of work